What People are Saying About the Books

“As a family therapist specializing in grief I was most impressed with the way in which this series captures the internal world of a particular family grieving a suicide death. One can hear in each family member’s words how differently they experienced their loss developmentally and how they evolved over time. 

It is without reservation that I would recommend this series for grieving individuals, particularly for those bereaved by a suicide death and for any professionals who would strive to give well-informed, compassionate care to suicide survivors of any age.

Janice Nadeau, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Registered Nurse, Fellow In Thanatology


Suicide Survivors' Club books are trustworthy from a theoretical point of view.  I was very impressed with the presentation in cartoon form — where the power of the series derives.

Charles Vorkoper LCSW, LMF, LPC


“How does a young child integrate the complex thoughts and emotions following the sudden death of a beloved parent, let alone a parent who dies violently by their own hand? When working with the Andersons it was such an honor to witness the courage of Rebecca Anderson, as she allowed her children to invite her into the expression of their deepest emotions over the loss of their dad.

The courage continues on now with the words and illustrations on these pages.  The Suicide Survivors’ Club books tell the Anderson family’s story in their own words, complimented by art that speaks in ways words cannot.  Their story allows an intimate look into the journey of one family facing a tragedy, often met with shame and hiding. There can never be enough resources to help parents and children under these circumstances.”

Sharon Ward, MA, LPC, LP


Parenting the Suicide Survivor’s Club is a labor of love and a heartfelt gift to suicide survivors everywhere. Author Rebecca Anderson shares this most intimate and private journey for the common good of all of us who have shared a death of a loved one by suicide. She provides another option for the healing journey and step by step shows us the way. I am humbled and grateful for Rebecca's generosity of heart and compassion for all of us who grieve as suicide survivors.”

Janet Benz, DNP, RN, founder of The Christopher Benz Foundation – lost her son Christopher to suicide at age 17 in 2007 


“As a pastor, I frequently counsel parishioners on questions that arise from the suicide of a family member,  friend and even a stranger. I can see these books being held and read as people grapple for answers. The stories are a wonderful reminder that there is life in the midst of all unanswered questions. Thank you for using your gifts to create art that is very real and that offers such wholeness in a broken world.  Also, thank you for any information on when your work is for sale. ” 

Laurie Pound Feille, Senior Minister, First Christian Church, Minneapolis


“It's challenging to imagine the intricacies and complex emotions of a patient's experience. These graphic memoirs have allowed me to step into a family’s dynamic in its moment of greatest despair, confusion, and—against all odds—hope. I feel immensely more knowledgeable for having been exposed to these works, and I look forward to sharing the books with colleagues and friends.”

Leah Schmelkin, Mayo Medical School, 2nd year


“Look at what these people did with their own hands,” I first thought when I saw the Suicide Survivors Club books. Beyond their usefulness to anyone who has been affected by the suicide of a person close to them, there is the benefit to the larger realm of individuals who are touched by the experiences of survivors of suicide. That step includes nearly everyone in the helping professions, as well as anyone who knows a family that has lost a member by suicide. 

These books should help any reader to better comprehend the complexity of the process of recovery from the suicide of a loved one, that it can’t be sorted into neat boxes, that it takes a long long long time, and that much of it involves living an ordinary life, an ordinary life that makes acres of room for grieving and healing.  The artwork beautifully augments the words in the books, making for a fuller understanding and bigger impact of the narratives. The books are, in turn, deeply moving, informational, and giving of permission to trust in finding one’s own way through such a horrific loss."

David Morris,  Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist


"The visual format is so original. There's a lightness to the books that doesn't contradict the seriousness of the subject. By presenting issues in a completely different non-stereotyped setting, they succeed in connecting with my emotions and touch me with something that seems fresh and real."
Sarah Anderson, Sister, Aunt, Sister-in law, Artist


"The most e­mo­tion­al­ly af­fect­ing piece is “Su­i­cide Sur­vi­vors’ Club: A Family’s Jour­ney Through the Death of Their Loved One,” a se­ries of little books de­signed and pro­duced by art­ist Laurie Phil­lips about a fam­i­ly’s emo­tio­nal up­heav­al fol­low­ing the su­i­cide of a hus­band and fa­ther of three. Each book tells the sto­ry of one sur­vi­vor in sim­ple, mov­ing words, the moth­er tan­gled in legal and sur­viv­al prob­lems, the col­lege-age daugh­ter e­mo­tion­al­ly de­railed, sons ages 5 and 7 drift­ing be­tween play and in­com­pre­hen­sion.

Phil­lips’ im­agi­na­tive watercolors, shift­ing perspectives and whim­si­cal car­toons set just the right tone, con­vey­ing the trag­e­dy’s pain and res­o­lu­tion with­out sen­ti­men­tal pa­thos. In a re­mark­able out­burst of do-it-your­self thera­py, sev­er­al gal­ler­y visi­tors on a re­cent morn­ing paused to read the little books and then be­gan spon­ta­ne­ous­ly talk­ing about them with oth­er visi­tors."

Mary Abbe, art critic of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, reviewing a group art exhibit, "How to be a Feminist Artist," at St. Catherine's University art gallery in February of 2014.

Will Anderson reading from "Will" at Magers & Quinn Booksellers with Laurie Phillips, Rebecca Anderson and Aidan Anderson.

Janet Benz and Rebecca Anderson at the International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, November 2015 at the Marsh, Minnetonka, MN. 


Louise Woehrle and Rebecca Anderson at the International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, November 2015 at the Marsh, Minnetonka, MN.  

Laurie Phillips and Rebecca Anderson after their presentation at St. Catherine University, February 2014, St. Paul MN 


Rebecca Anderson speaking at the Mayo Medical School, March 18, 2015 in Rochester, MN. 

Books and art images on display, International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, November 2015 at the Marsh, Minnetonka, MN.   


Suicide Survivors’ Club, LLC thanks the Christopher Benz Foundation for serving as their fiscal sponsor.  

Rebecca and Laurie are available to speak to your group about using art and storytelling to heal from grief surrounding the suicide of a loved one. Please contact Rebecca for information about scheduling a presentation or ordering book sets in volume.