The Suicide Survivors’ Club has developed two workshops. One for suicide Loss Survivors, titled Story Portrait™ workshop, a visual expression of a traumatic experience or loss. 

The second workshop is for Medical and Mental Health Professionals titled Trauma Transformed Through Art and Narrative. The professional online 2-hour workshop will be available fall, 2020. CEUs are offered. Both workshops were inspired by the book series. 

Trauma Transformed Through Art & Narrative 

Professional Workshop for Mental Health Providers, Health Care Practitioners, First Responders, and Bereavement Specialists (online)

Presenters: Rebecca Anderson, suicide loss survivor/author, Lauren Belisle, art therapist, and Aidan Anderson, suicide loss survivor.

This online workshop offers an integrated approach for healing using art and storytelling tools created by SSC, and was developed based on the 5 book series Suicide Survivors' Club: A Family's Journey Through the Death of Their Loved One.  Clinical Psychologist Noel Larson, PhD will bring to light (via video) how the books and workbooks are designed to help facilitate neural integration, a critical process in the resolution of complicated grief, utilizing both artistic and narrative processes. short video will introduce artist Laurie Phillips (co-founder of SSC) share why and how the books were created with each family member Becky, Pattie, Aidan and Will.  Rebecca talks about her impetus for writing Parenting the Suicide Survivors’ Club, the 5th book in the series and shares insights into her family's recovery. Aidan Anderson, now an adult, shares his perspective growing up without his father and the hope he and his family found moving forward. Aidan also introduces his brother and sister via video as they reflect how the loss of their dad affected them and their hope moving forward. Art Therapist Lauren Belisle facilitates how to utilize the all ages workbook/activity guide titled Healing After a Suicide Loss and how to facilitate a Story Portrait workshop for loss survivors. Lastly, participants will learn about the warning signs of suicide, and how to use safe messaging with suicide loss survivors.  

By attending the Professional workshop you will receive a set of books and workbook+activity guide, included in the cost of the online webinar. They are mailed out prior to the workshop. CEUs also provided.

Learning Objectives

  • How the books serve as the foundational piece for the art/narrative workshop
  • Demonstrate how visual art/narrative helped a family regain its balance after the trauma of losing their loved one to suicide.
  • Validate the ups and downs of how life changes after the suicide of a family member, offering an example of how one family experienced it and moved forward with their lives.
  • The tools connect with our sensory input systems, ensuring that suicide loss survivors can connect with the and benefit from the activities.  

Story Portrait Workshop for Suicide Loss Survivors

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This workshop is for suicide loss survivors. Participants learn how visual storytelling helped the Anderson family after their loss and provides a way to participate in making their own personal collage/story portrait about their grief journey. The workshops are helpful in identifying the need  for suicide loss survivors to express their feelings of traumatic loss and connect with other suicide loss survivors. 

By attending the Story Portrait workshop suicide loss survivors will:

  • Understand how visual storytelling helped the Anderson family after their loss
  • Get validation for the ups and downs of how life changes after the suicide of a family member
  • Use images provided by the facilitator to tell your loss story and aid in your healing process

You'll receive a copy of the book set to use as a healing tool on your own, with a therapist or in support group.

The Story Portrait™ workshops are presented in partnership with NAMI, MN (National Alliance on Mental Illness, Minnesota)