How to Donate


If you're interested in ordering book sets for a nonprofit organization serving suicide loss survivors, grief and loss groups, or suicide prevention, you have several options: 

Option A

  • You can write a tax deductible check to the nonprofit 501(c)3 of your choice for the total dollar amount, depending on quantity of book sets you wish them to purchase directly from SSC, LLC.  The nonprofit organization receiving funds from you is tax-exempt and will not be charged sales tax when they purchase the books from SSC, LLC. A few of the educational nonprofits we already have alliances with are National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Minnesota, and the Christopher Benz Foundation.

Option B

  • You can purchase directly from Suicide Survivors’ Club, LLC (SSC, LLC), then donate the books to the nonprofit(s) of your choice. This option includes Minnesota sales tax.

Volume book orders can be facilitated by SSC, LLC to avoid any handling by the nonprofit or the donor. If a volume order requires shipping out of the metro area or state of Minnesota, shipping costs will be added to the order.

Please contact to place an order. 

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) MN, receives 67 book sets donated by the Nordstrand Family Foundation. Left to right: Donna Fox, Aidan Anderson, Rebecca Anderson, Laurie Phillips, Andree Aronson.


If you'd prefer to make a direct donation to Suicide Survivors' Club, LLC:

  • Please select the Donate button below.
  • You'll go to a PayPal page. Fill in the amount you'd like to donate in the Item Price box on the upper left, then select the Update link right below it.
  • If you have a PayPal account, you can log in. If you'd prefer to pay with a credit card, select the link in the lower right box and fill in your information. 
  • We're not currently a 501(c)3, so you won't receive a tax deduction. However, your donation will be used to fund book sets for people who need financial assistance.  Thank you for your generosity!


If you would like to purchase and give one or more book sets to a family member, friend or organization, we can do that for you. We'll include a note card to the recipient that books were donated by you or your organization in memory of the person whose life was lost to suicide. You can do this by contacting Rebecca. Thank you for your generosity.

"Thank you for this wonderful project. In the 50 years since my father's suicide, I've spoken with only two people about it, my therapist and my wife. You're bringing it out of the shadows."
- Mack Paul